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Here you will find all Obermatt stock investing videos that we have published in 2016. Other years like 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 are also available. More videos on the Obermatt home page.

Obermatt Portfolio Review 2016+

Swiss bonds negative

Undeserved profits in the portfolio

Swiss pension plans (German)

Bought and lost

Neither Logitech nor Microsoft

Buying clean energy from Italy: Enel

Switzerland role model for the UK - Buying Debenhams

The last Swiss stock with value: Givaudan

TOTAL is not my first choice but still a good pick

Needing Real Estate, buying store chain Ahold

Simply diversify! I’m buying Arkema

Fertilizer-Stock Yara better buy than Google or Apple

Stock purchases are like buying a house

Stock news is irrelevant except for educational purposes

News about stocks is no news at all

Good news about stocks is the same as no news for investors

Bad news about stocks is the same as no news for investors

The stock market is boring but stocks are not

No need to look into the future when investing in stocks

Stocks are safer than cash or gold in the long-run

Buying the cleaned up Nokia stock

IT-Services in Spain: Stern buys Amadeus

Brexit, so what? Buying Sainsbury's

New record with Electrolux stock

Airbus is a non-brainer

Wrong analysis, right stock

No attractive stocks in Spain - Stern buys Conzzeta​

Stern buys diversification with BASF

Universal Basic Income: good for stocks and Valora

Stock Investing is a Boxing Match

Stern would recommend Metro stocks to Julia Engelmann

Stern bought ABB in 3 minutes and 7 seconds

After BMW - Stern buys what’s contrary: Peugeot

Better stock portfolio analysis for long-term self-investors

Stern buys the Tesla car and the BMW stock

Because of Brexit Stern buys Smith & Nephew

Open borders good for Novartis

Time to buy in Belgium - Steel company Bekaert

Open country needs cheap furniture - buying Hornbach

No Apple in the portfolio - and definitely not Google

No oil stocks - despite high returns

Stern benefits from the refugee crises with RWE

Fruity returns with Total Produce

Leoni with good value

What to do when the stock market crashes?

Sanofi not Pernod Ricard

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