Simple and safe stock investing
Faster and safer stock investing with Obermatt for more retirement funds

The Obermatt Method provides financial stock analysis for faster and safer investment decisions. Financial advisors and self-investors manage their stocks more efficiently which increases their returns. This means more capital at the time you retire.

Faster with Obermatt

The Obermatt rank method makes the financial situation of a stock transparent at one single glance. Misinterpretations are unlikely, because, the higher the rank, the better the metric for the investor. Even little financial knowledge and time are already sufficent for drawing the right conclusions about the financial performance. This makes stock investment decisions faster because the financials don't need to be analysed in detail anymore so that investors can concentrate on additional investment criteria.

Safer with Obermatt

Unlike most other stock research and recommendations, Obermatt's stock analyses are based on facts rather than subjective judgments. The basis for the stock analyses is the Obermatt rank method, which draws conclusions from the relative financial position of shares in the marketplace. "No subjective judgements" means safer stock research because Obermatt only provides what can be automatically derrived from the finanicals of the company.

Financials You Trust

Obermatt is free of subjective judgments which often isn't the case for other sources of stock investment recommendations. In addition, the method is public so that investors can always check themselves if the Obermatt stock research is correct. Even a fully automated process like Obermatt's can have mistakes. The best way to review Obermatt ranks is Reuters (here for the example of Microsoft) where industry reference numbers are provided for each performance metric. This allows users to benchmark each Obermatt Rank. Should you encounter errors, we are glad to learn about them.