ESG Investing

Do you want to invest in stocks that run their business really well?

Then you may find corporate governance, family and environmental friendliness, or sound financial incentives important. This is generally known as Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) / ethical investing or investing by ESG (environment - social - governance) criteria.

ESG Investment Themes

Obermatt has introduced four Investment Theme categories for the purpose of ESG investing:

Each category holds several ESG investing themes for which Top 10 ESG investment ideas are published regularly.

ESG stock selection criteria

Obermatt users can filter their stock search based on inclusion and exclusion criteria in the Obermatt stock filter. The following selection criteria are available:

Inclusion Criteria

Inclusion criteria are those criteria that are typically desired and should be present in the stocks:

Inclusion criteria Description
Climate Friendly Corporations that fight climate change with carbon reduction policies and products
Good Governance Corporations with good governance structures
Quality Stocks Corporations with above average analyst recommendations
Dividend Champions Corporations with high dividend payout levels in comparison to their competitors.
Family Friendly Corporations that support families with family friendly policies for their employees
Inclusive Leadership Corporations with an inclusive leadership
Employee Friendly Corporations with employee friendly practices
Independent Board Corporations with an independent board governance structure
Sound Pay Corporations with sound executive pay practices that go beyond stock returns and profits
Renewable Energy Corporations that focus on renewable energy

Exclusion Criteria

Exclusion criteria are those criteria that are typically undesirable and must not be present in the stocks:

Exclusion Criteria Description
No Tobacco Exclude companies with tobacco products
No Controversies Exclude companies with controversial topics in the media
No Gambling Exclude companies with gambling activities
No Alcohol Exclude companies with alcohol products
No Obesity Exclude companies with products causing obesity
No Predatory Finance Exclude companies in predatory finance such as consumer credit
No Nuclear Exclude nuclear power companies
No Fossils Exclude fossil fuel companies
No Animal Testing Exclude companies that practice animal testing
No Agrochemical Exclude companies with agrochemical products
No Hazardous Waste Exclude companies that create signficiant hazardous waste
No Armaments Exclude companies producing armaments
No GMO Exclude companies that genetically modify organisms

Find out more about the Obermatt Investment Themes here: