Obermatt is a Swiss financial research firm focused on indexing company performance. Founded on August 24, 2001, in Obermatt on the Lake of Lucerne, providing an untainted view of financial performance has always been at the heart of our mission. The majority of the company is owned by its employees.

Investors use Obermatt's Stock Search for an objective view on the stock markets. Executives use Obermatt's Strategy Index for corporate strategy controlling. Boards use the Obermatt Bonus Index for a more stable executive compensation which is also more broadly accepted.

Obermatt manages its own investment portfolio, advises select high net worth clients, and advises companies on strategy and performance.

Obermatt makes its stock rankings available to the investing public to provide potential new clients with verifiable information on the performance Obermatt’s rank method of stock analysis. It also provides investors with better, more reliable information with which to evaluate public companies and make investment decisions, we hope to contribute, even in a very small way, to the better functioning of stock markets. We know this will not going to change stock markets dynamics, but it makes us feel good to provide the investor community with easily accessible and sound stock investing advice.