Terms & Conditions

Customer Service

Obermatt responds to customer inquiries within 24 hours. Customers are defined as paying users of Obermatt services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Obermatt aims to maintain satisfied paying customers and will refund payments made when customers are not satisfied. Customers who make cancellations within the first 30 days after the purchase date will receive a refund of 100% of the purchase price. Afterward, refunds are no longer possible. When a subscription is automatically or manually renewed, a new 30 day cancellation period begins, during which time the subscription can be canceled and a full refund received. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, and customers can choose to terminate future newsletters immediately or at the end of the subscription period. Refunds can be requested here.

Secure Payments

In order to provide a safe payment environment, Obermatt directs all payments to the secure, encrypted payment gateways provided by Braintree and PayPal.


Obermatt guarantees confidential handling of any personal data according to our privacy policy.


Obermatt provides data based on the best of our knowledge. Obermatt claims no responsibility for the data presented or for any resulting implications of data usage, according to our disclaimer and liability statements.