Next Updates: Top 10 Stocks by Index

Obermatt calculates the Top 10 stocks in each stock index according to the schedule below. See if a new stock made its way to the top.

2-Feb-2018 ASX 50 (XFL) Australia
2-Feb-2018 ATX (ATX) Austria
2-Feb-2018 CAC All (FRCACAL) France
2-Feb-2018 CDAX (CDAX) Germany
2-Feb-2018 D.J. US Aerospace & Defense (DJSASD) USA
2-Feb-2018 D.J. US Telecommunication (DJSTEL) USA
2-Feb-2018 DAX 30 (DAX) Germany
2-Feb-2018 FTSE 250 (FTMC) United Kingdom
2-Feb-2018 FTSE All Shares (ASX) United Kingdom
2-Feb-2018 Hang Seng (HSI) Hong Kong
2-Feb-2018 IBEX 35 (IBEX) Spain
2-Feb-2018 IPC (MXX) Mexico
2-Feb-2018 ISEQ (ISEC) Ireland
2-Feb-2018 JSE All Shares (JALSH) South Africa
2-Feb-2018 KOSPI (KS200) South Korea
2-Feb-2018 MERVAL (MERV) Argentina
2-Feb-2018 NASDAQ (COMP) USA
2-Feb-2018 NASDAQ 100 (NDX) USA
2-Feb-2018 OBX Index (OBX.OL) Norway
2-Feb-2018 PSI 20 (PSI20) Portugal
2-Feb-2018 S&P US Consumer Discretionary (SP500-25) USA
2-Feb-2018 S&P US Food & Beverage (SPSIFB) USA
2-Feb-2018 SET (SET) Thailand
2-Feb-2018 SPI (SPI) Switzerland
2-Feb-2018 TAIEX (TAIEX) Taiwan
2-Feb-2018 TecDAX (TDXP) Germany
9-Feb-2018 BSE Sensex (SENSEX) India
9-Feb-2018 D.J. US Health Care (DJSHCP) USA
9-Feb-2018 STI (STI) Singapore
16-Feb-2018 AEX (AEX) Netherlands
16-Feb-2018 ASX 100 (XTO) Australia
23-Feb-2018 D.J. US Insurance (DJSINS) USA
2-Mar-2018 BEL20 (BFX) Belgium
2-Mar-2018 D.J. US Investment Services (DJSINV) USA
2-Mar-2018 D.J. US Regional Banks (DJSRBK) USA
9-Mar-2018 D.J. US Medical Equipment (DJSMDQ) USA
9-Mar-2018 IDX Composite (JKSE) Indonesia
9-Mar-2018 ISE-100 Index (XU100) Turkey
16-Mar-2018 ATHEX (GRE) Greece
16-Mar-2018 Dow Jones (DJIA) USA
16-Mar-2018 TOPIX 100 (TOPIX100) Japan
23-Mar-2018 D.J. US Oil Equipment & Service (DJSOES) USA
23-Mar-2018 FTSE 350 (FTLC) United Kingdom
23-Mar-2018 OMX 20 (OMXC20) Denmark
30-Mar-2018 FTSE 100 (FTSE) United Kingdom
30-Mar-2018 RTS (RTS) Russia
6-Apr-2018 MDAX (MDAXI) Germany
6-Apr-2018 S&P MIDCAP (MID) USA
6-Apr-2018 SDAX (SDXP ) Germany
13-Apr-2018 ASX 300 (XKO) Australia
13-Apr-2018 PSI General (BVLX) Portugal
13-Apr-2018 SMI (SMI) Switzerland
20-Apr-2018 CNX Nifty 50 (NSEI) India
20-Apr-2018 S&P 500 (SPX) USA
20-Apr-2018 SBF 120 (SBF120) France
27-Apr-2018 D.J. US Pharmaceutical (DJSPHM) USA
27-Apr-2018 EURO STOXX 50 (ESTX50) European Union
27-Apr-2018 Nikkei 225 (N225) Japan
4-May-2018 ASX 200 (XJO) Australia
4-May-2018 OMX 25 (OMXH25) Finland
4-May-2018 TSX Composite (GSPTSE) Canada
11-May-2018 CAC 40 (FCHI) France
11-May-2018 NZSX 50 (NZ50) New Zealand
11-May-2018 S&P US Consumer Staples (SP500-30) USA
18-May-2018 BOVESPA (IBOV) Brazil
18-May-2018 MIB (MIB) Italy
18-May-2018 SSE Composite (SHSEC) China
25-May-2018 OMX 30 (OMX) Sweden
25-May-2018 WIG 40 (MWIG40) Poland