The Obermatt method in action

Obermatt’s stock analysis finds its way into the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index ETP (Exchange Traded Product) traded on the Swiss stock exchange. The selection of stocks in the index draws on Obermatt’s rule-based 360° View. The index is made up of 36 of the top-ranking stocks that provide a well-diversified and representative selection of quality stocks on the Swiss stock exchange. The “Pearls” in this Index are selected using a rules-based approach that prioritizes facts over rumors.

The Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index

The ETP on the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index

The ETP on Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index is a structured product issued by CAT Financial Products that private investors can purchase on the Swiss stock exchange. The underlying index is a dynamic index actively managed by Amasus Investment AG using Obermatt’s 360° View stock analysis. The strategy and stock selection will be reviewed twelve times a year and rebalanced at least once a year.

The Obermatt Method

Obermatt’s stock analysis draws on numerous financial metrics from professional stock research which are converted into a series of cumulative ranks, making interpretation quick and easy. Obermatt’s stock analysis makes professional level stock research accessible to private investors, since it is easy to interpret and affordable.

How to invest in the ETP on Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index

The ETP on Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange and can be purchased daily between 9:00 am and 5.30 pm. Trade orders can be placed through a private investor’s bank or broker. More details can be found at CAT Financial Products.

Product Information

Issuer:CAT Financial Products AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Product category:Exchange Traded Product (ETP)
Collateral Provider (TCM):CAT Financial Products AG, Zürich
Collateral Agent (TCM):SIX Repo AG, Zürich
Collateral Custodian (TCM):SIX SIS AG, Olten, Switzerland
Index Sponsor:Amasus Investment AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Listing/Exchange:The product is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange according to the Exchange Traded Product (ETP) Regulatory Standard.
First Exchange Trading Date:19 September 2023
Currency:Swiss Francs (CHF)
Rebalancing:at least once per year
Management fee:0.98%
ISIN Number:CH1272476750

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Stocks in the index

The Obermatt analysis uncovered these 36 stocks as having the strongest 360° View ranks while creating a diversified selection of stocks for the index. This selection is reviewed monthly and one stock may be sold or purchased as part of the active management of the ETP.

CH0025536027Burckhardt Compression
CH0010570759Lindt & Sprüngli
CH0022268228EFG International
CH0319416936Flughafen Zürich
CH0371153492Landis+Gyr Group
CH0468525222Medacta Group
CH0024608827Partners Group
CH0018294154PSP Swiss Property
CH0496451508SoftwareONE Holding
CH0014852781Swiss Life
CH0008038389Swiss Prime Site
CH0012100191Tecan Group
Changes in index holdings

The Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index is reviewed monthly so that the 36 stocks in the index reflect the best selection at the time. These are the changes that have been made in the past.

January 2024Holcim removed; Sonova added
December 2023Julius Bär removed; Sandoz added
November 2023Forbo removed; SFS added
October 2023Aryzta removed; Partners Group added

Obermatt monitors the performance of its portfolios and runs backtesting to see how well the Top 10 stocks perform against the market index. These analyses are to be viewed with caution, since so many factors can influence the outcome. Factors such as the time period taken for comparison, foreign exchange movements, weighting of stocks prevent an objective view on the performance of any selection of stocks. We believe in the methodology and analysis and invest our own funds in the index.

ETP or Wikifolio?

The ETP is a financial product of CAT Financial Products, which is traded on the SIX stock exchange. The ETP is based on the Obermatt Method, the backbone of the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index. It is a rules-based index, without subjective opinions, purely based on the Obermatt Method.

The Wikifolio "Swiss Value according to Obermatt" is a portfolio at Wikifolio. The stocks in this portfolio are selected together with private investors during Obermatt coffee breaks and explained in videos and blogs on our website. You can also find more on the Wikifolio page.

Risks and Disclaimer

The Exchange Traded Product on Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index is considered a structured product in Switzerland pursuant to article 70 of the Swiss Financial Services Act of 15 June 2018 (“FinSA”) and is neither subject to authorization nor supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA ("FINMA"). The Product does not constitute participation in a collective investment scheme within the meaning of the Collective Investment Schemes Act of 23 June 2006 ("CISA") and Investors do not benefit from the specific investor protection provided under CISA. Investors bear the credit risk of the Issuer. The investments are collateralized with SIX Swiss Exchange. The collateral is held in custody at SIX SIS Ltd and SIX Repo Ltd is responsible for the daily monitoring of the collateral as collateral custodian and agent, respectively. This Triparty Collateral Management (TCM) mechanism of SIX protects the security interests of investors by reducing the default risk of the issuer.