Value, Growth, Safety, Combined, Sentiment, 360°
The six Obermatt investment strategies for stocks.

Obermatt uses three different financial models and market sentiment to analyze and evaluate stocks. Each of the financial models corresponds to a strategy of Value, Growth, and Safety. We call the market sentiment indicators the Sentiment strategy. Two additional strategies summarize these strategies into one value. The sum of the financial models, the Value, Growth and Safety indicators are summarized in the Combined Investment Strategy. If you add market sentiment to these three indicators, you get the 360° Strategy.

Hence, as a stock investor at Obermatt, you will find carefully analyzed stock proposals for six different investment strategies in our Obermatt Top 10 lists. Depending on your goals or your risk, you can decide which strategy you want to pursue:

Value Strategy

Are you looking for stocks that are valued at their intrinsic value? Then rely on the Value Strategy.

Growth strategy

Would you like to go with the dynamics of the markets? Then rely on the Growth Strategy.

Safety Strategy

Do you want your portfolio to be as secure as possible, with little fluctuation? Then put on the Safety Strategy.

Combined strategy

Do you want to expend as little work as possible yet create a long-term return? Then use the Combined Strategy.

Sentiment Strategy

Do you want to follow the market pulse and just focus on the large companies that are broadly recommended by professional market participants? Then put on the Sentiment Strategy.

360° Strategy

Do you want your portfolio to be financially sound and in line with what professionals do? Then put on the 360° Strategy. This is the strategy pursued by Hermann Stern for the Obermatt stock portfolio.

It is important that you look at the stocks for yourself because, besides the financial facts, you should have a good feeling when buying a stock. You will also know that in the event of a market downturn, your pick was solid and you won’t be tempted to sell in a panic.

But how do you find the right stock? Read our instructions.

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