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The financial performance of a company is reflected in Obermatt’s Value, Growth and Safety indicators at Obermatt. But, many also want to know what others think about a company. The Obermatt Sentiment Ranks represent the market’s mood and opinions of a company. The Sentiment Analysis and the Value, Growth and Safety financial indicators are consolidated in the Obermatt 360° View.

If you want to focus only on what professionals say and where they're invested, then our Sentiment Ranks are right for you. In these cases, the current stock price may be of less importance, as positive vibes in the market will drive your returns. This market pulse is always measured in comparison to the other investment opportunities. Even in times of poor macroeconomic volatility, professionals still prefer some companies over others and you may be interested in following their lead.

Compared with investors who rely on financial performance, you rely on stocks that have a stellar reputation. Your stock may be traded at a higher price today, but professionals expect an increase in its value and create profit for the future. Companies favored by professionals are often solid companies with good reputations in growing industries.

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Metrics of the Sentiment Rank

Analyst Opinions

Defined as:

Analyst Opinion as an average compared with alternative investment opportunities

Change in Opinions

Defined as:

Recent changes in average Analyst Opinion compared with alternative investments. A rank of 50 means that no analysts have changed their opinion

Pro Holdings

Defined as:

Share of professional investors in the company compared with alternative investments

Market Pulse

Defined as:

More positive than negative news observed in professional markets compared with alternatives

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