Combining investment strategies
Select stocks according to Buffet's four criteria

Warren Buffet is a renowned expert in the field of stock investment. Compared to Buffet, we novice investors lack the time and expertise to develop a perfect investment strategy for buying stocks. This is why you should opt for a simple stock picking method that takes only a fraction of the time that Buffet is probably spending.

For starters, we can use Buffet’s four criteria for selecting a company in which to invest:

  1. A company that we can understand,
  2. With favorable long-term prospects,
  3. Operated by honest and competent people, and
  4. Available at a very attractive price.

With these four criteria and the Obermatt stock analysis, you can use your time efficiently and wisely, saving time for more important things.

With the Obermatt stock analysis, you can select stocks from four different investment strategies. The easiest way is to subscribe to the free Obermatt Stock Update. You will receive weekly the most recent ranks of all shares as a CSV file. You download the CSV file and paste it into your Google Spreadsheet. Now you can see at a glance which stocks are good and which to keep in mind.

Combined Rank

The combined rank offers a combination of different investment strategies. It consists of the Value, Growth and Safety rank and is summarized by comparing these three ranks to the ranks of comparable stocks. From this, a ranking list can be created. For example, a combined rank of 100 means that the stock was better than the three rankings of all other stocks compared to their Value, Growth, and Safety.

Obermatt stock investment strategies at a glance