Managing your investments doesn’t have to be difficult.
Isn’t it time you took your money into your own hands?

Obermatt empowers you to make your own stock investment decisions. Our stock analysis synthesizes professional grade financial and non-financial performance into rankings. Now you can easily interpret sophisticated professional research without the help of financial advisors.

Our stock analysis

The Obermatt method is based on numerous financial metrics, which we believe are the most important factors in analyzing stocks. We do keep an eye on market sentiment. We don’t look at individual analyst opinions but consider them as an aggregate that we show as a rank. Our goal is to give you the best possible equity research for making stock decisions.

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Besides providing research for more than 6,500 stocks and over 100 markets worldwide, we provide you with investment ideas in our weekly Top 10 Stock lists.

We invest in our stock tips ourselves and openly publish the returns of our portfolio. That's how much we believe in our stock research. It also informs the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index.

Buy an Index

We know that not everyone has the time or inclination to select and manage a portfolio of individual stocks. Some may want to complement their stock holdings with a broader index.

We are proud of the Obermatt Swiss Pearls Index, which includes the top 36 stocks on the Swiss stock exchange according to Obermatt’s 360° View rank.

Obermatt investment principles

Take control of your investments. We empower you to invest the Obermatt way.

Financial advisors, banks and financial services companies may have more investing experience than some investors, but they also have a different agenda. Obermatt’s vision is to empower you with high quality but simplified analysis so that you can make your own stock decisions, and do so with confidence.

Anyone can do it. Professional analysis doesn’t have to be complex.

Investing is serious business, so decisions should be grounded in solid research. Not gossip. Not AI-generated answers. Just the facts. We distill the jungle of numbers, charts and market rumors into ranks that you can interpret quickly and with confidence.

Dare to be different. It’s hard to beat the pack if you do the same as they do.

“Buy low. Sell high.” Most people know this in their minds, but their behavior is often the opposite. Why? It’s hard to go against the grain. When everyone is buying and driving a stock price higher, it means doing the opposite. When stocks drop, it means buying and possibly watching them drop further. Tune out the buzz, stick with the numbers and dare to be different.

Popular is pricey. Popular stocks usually aren’t the best value.

Some industries and companies are darlings in the market, and so many people buy them and drive up their price. This can make a stock overvalued and expensive. Rather than looking for popular stocks, we look for stocks that are undervalued or overlooked which have high value ratings.

Diversify and hold at least 30 stocks with differing characteristics.

The saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” couldn’t be truer when it comes to stock investing. Many say that one should hold at least 30 stocks across a range of industries and regions. That way, one can balance out excessive gains and losses and achieve some stability in a stock portfolio.

Buy and hold. (Keep buying. And holding….)

Buying and selling too frequently can incur costs, even hidden fees, which eat away at your performance. Panic buying or selling can do the same. We believe in buying solid stocks regularly and holding them for the long term. If you’re tempted to peek at your portfolio, think twice about reacting to what might be short term effects on your performance.

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