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Learn how you can do your own stock investing. No matter how much finance knowledge you have or how much you have to invest, Obermatt makes it easy for you to select stocks. You can save the management fees associated with stock funds, even index funds.

No one cares about your money as much as you do, so watch this video to learn why you can invest on your own.

Do you invest in stocks for your retirement?

If so, you are at the right place. The Obermatt method of ranking stocks quickly reveals the financial strengths and weaknesses of companies and makes understanding their financial performance easy, as compared to reading boring and complicated financial statements, stock research reports and market news. Individual and professional investors can make better decisions when evaluating stocks. In addition, Obermatt makes no subjective judgements or creates market-"hype". It only analyzes the financial facts. We believe Obermatt's 10,000+ stock analyses and 50+ index ratings are well suited for long-term equity portfolios. That’s why we invest this way ourselves.

Why you should invest your money yourself from John Oliver (21:29)

If you give your money to someone else to manage, you are paying much more than you can imagine, as John Oliver shows in this video. That's why you should invest your money passively, like in a cost-efficient index fund.

Do-It-Yourself Indexing from Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern

Picking your own stocks is even better than investing in a stock index fund because you get to choose the stocks you want to own. If you buy and hold a portfolio of 20 to 30 stocks, you will realize the same benefits of diversification and only hold the stocks you want. It’s more fun and you will save on fees and commissions, have no counter-party risks and avoid over-exposure to the expensive stocks typically owned by index funds.

Most importantly, Obermatt is completely independent, unbiased and free from any conflict of interests.

The performance of Obermatt analyses?

Obermatt Top 10 Lists outperformed Obermatt Top 10 Lists performed stock indexes in up to 80% of all cases and achieved an average outperformance of 8% against index funds when we backtested Obermatt’s four investment strategies, in 50 markets, over the course of 3 years. You can see the current performance of the Obermatt Top 10 Lists.

Stock investors can be fooled by the performance of any investment advisor! Their performance must be evaluated only after all manner of market fluctuations and economic crises have taken place and accounted for. As Wikipedia has cited, there have been two dozen big crises since the era of industrialization began over 250 years ago. We simply don't have a long-enough time span for a statistically sound stock performance evaluation. Therefore, we only share our backtesting data here due to popular request.

The question concerning historical performance is relevant but not necessarily useful. There simply aren't enough data points to make accurate judgments. Thus, individual investors can only be evaluated by their actions rather than by the sparse results of these actions. Our conclusion: look at Obermatt’s method and decide whether or not you want to use our information and approach.


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