Introduction to stock investing
Take care of your own finances because nobody will care about your money as much as you do.

That's why you should do your own stock investing! If you choose to use a third party advisor, you only incur more costs but not more profit. This is also what the famous British TV satirist, John Oliver, says.

We can help you save your own money by investing because we make it simple, safe and transparent, without the usual conflicts of interest associated with an advisor.

Interested? Then, we recommend you invest in stocks because, in the long run, you’ll have the best returns through stocks.:

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Are you ready to start? Then read our How To section.

Why your own stock portfolio?

In the short term, you’re most likely safest by putting your money into a savings account. But, in the long term, you should choose an index fund or create your own stock portfolio. This will give you the highest potential to grow your money and is not as difficult as you might think. You just have to select a new stock from time to time:

You could also buy into an index fund. This is indeed a good solution, but not the best. Learn why it’s better invest in your own stocks than in an index fund.

How Obermatt Supports You

Obermatt analyzes over 10,000 stocks and almost 100 indexes worldwide and has created the Obermatt Rank Method with regard to value, growth and security, so that you can immediately recognize which stocks are good investments.

In addition, Obermatt publishes weekly Top 10 Stock lists from which you can select stocks with little effort and prior knowledge. To insure that you receive the latest stock lists, subscribe to our free Obermatt Stock Update.

The advantages of the Obermatt method

The Obermatt method is based on financial facts. Subjective judgments and stock market hype are excluded from our analysis. In addition, Obermatt is concerned only with stock analysis and not with the management of your money. There is no conflict of interest, because Obermatt remains independent from your money. This is the important reason why we can provide you with the best possible analysis.

And the performance of the Obermatt Analysis?

Top 10 Performance


Since the start of the publication of the Obermatt Top 10 listings, we analyze the returns of our Top 10 stocks and compare them with the returns of index funds. The balance is positive. We also present the top 10 returns as a rank and publish the results for each Top 10 market individually on our portfolio page.

Our own performance

We also buy the stocks that we recommend and document our purchases on YouTube. We publish the returns form our own portfolio annually.

Caution with past performance

Do not look solely at past performance. For a statistically well-founded statement, all kinds of upsurges and economic crises would already have to have been taken into account. Wikipedia has cited only two dozen major crises since the beginning of industrialization 250 years ago. You can imagine how long it would take for one of these events to have a profound effect on investment performance. Before this is not the case you cannot trust past performance. Our performance figures are provided only for the sake of completeness and because people always like to ask about it.