More retirement capital for self-investors

The Obermatt Method helps private investors making their own investment decisions with confidence. This is due to the fact that Obermatt ranks allow understanding the financial position of a stock immediately. In addition, Obermatt is free of subjective judgments and conflict of interest so that stock investors can trust the numbers.

Invest like a pro - without a bank

Obermatt offers thorough stock analyses of a quality that would otherwise only be available to financial professionals. This is especially useful for self-investors with basic investment knowledge but little time.

Investors can use the investment strategies Value, Safety and Combined for long-term investments or invest in Growth if there is high confidence in a market upswing. Since Obermatt offers purely fact based stock analyses, investors are able to take social, environmental and corporate governance criteria into account. Even for these Obermatt offers specialized Investment Themes world-class stock analyses.

Your advantage: You save unnecessary administrative expenses because you need neither a financial advisor nor a bank. Additionally, you can further increase retirement capital in comparison to other investment and savings methods because you don't need to pay for hedging that such institutions often have to. Finally, unlike index funds, you have the choice where to invest.

Only little financial knowledge needed

Obermatt allows you to asses the financial aspects of a stock without the need for specialized financial knowledge. The stock analyses is provided in ranks, which are easy to understand: The higher the rank, the better the investment criterion. This ensures that results are interpreted correctly even by laymen.

Financials you trust

Three reasons to trust Obermatt stock analyses:

1. No misinterpretation

All results are converted into ranks from 0 to 100 so that everybody interprets the results correctly. Financial figures and analyst reports often lead to misinterpretations. Obermatt ranks avoid this confusion. The higher the rank the better the performance. Period.

2. Without subjective judgments

Obermatt ranks are free of subjective judgments and are purely based on facts. There is no need for you to worry about our moods and beliefs. They don't influence the analyses, which is important since subjective judgments are the biggest obstacle for long-term investment success.

3. Free of conflict of interest

Obermatt is independent of your money and therefore free of conflict of interest, unlike most financial brokers and advisors. In addition, we ourselves invest in the stocks we recommend and publish the returns of our recommendations.