Higher returns for financial advisors

New market perspective for higher returns

Professional investment services and financial advisors appreciate the fact that the Obermatt Method provides a new hype-free perspective on the stock market. Only facts count. Professionals use Obermatt to increase returns by identifying undesirable developments in the markets earlier and uncovering neglected stocks. Ultimately, Obermatt will save you work, leaving more time for consulting and more detailed research.

Identify market mistakes early on

The Obermatt stock analyses are exclusively based on facts rather than subjective judgments. Obermatt ranks are based on the relative position of shares in the marketplace.

This process neutralizes the ups and downs of the stock market. True performance is evaluated by comparing the company with competitors. This shows the company's performance independent of the market and sentiment fluctuations. For example, a company's profit can decrease, but the performance may still have been good if the profits of competitors decreased even more.

The Obermatt methodology also neutralizes subjective opinions and feelings that have been proven to negatively influence stock selection. Obermatt investment strategies are solely based on hard facts and not on subjective fantasies and hopes. Emotions do not matter.

Because of these reasons, financial advisors are able to identify and avoid market mistakes. A word of warning: In case the stock market is doing very well and everyone is buying shares, the Obermatt stock recommendations will be too conservative to fully join this upswing. This could lead to lower returns on our Top 10 Stocks than the returns of the market itself. How our Top 10 shares perform in comparison to the stock market can be seen in the Obermatt performance tracking.

Identifying neglected stocks

While the Obermatt method is based on measurable facts, stock prices can be based on emotions. Emotions may, for example, focus on a company that provides excellent products or is run by a popular personality. This could then lead to higher stock prices. In these cases, Obermatt Ranks are low. Such shares do not appear on the Obermatt radar. This protects investors against irrational euphoria no one is immune against.

On the other hand, stocks top our ranking lists and search filter when the opposite happens; for example, if a stock compared to its size is favorable. This way, Obermatt users find stocks that have been neglected by the public. This is especially valuable for financial advisors, as they find neglected stocks earlier. Whoever buys such undervalued stocks first will enjoy the greatest return.

The Obermatt rank method also allows ranks to be compared and combined with each other directly. Different criteria can be freely combined by subscribing to the Obermatt Stock Update and downloading the CSV files for all the Obermatt ranks on a weekly basis.

Financials you trust

Three reasons to trust Obermatt analyses: First, misinterpretations of the analysis are unlikely due to the ranking method. Second, subjective opinions don't matter which makes the Obermatt ranks neutral. And third, Obermatt is free from conflict of interest which isn't always the case from other sources. Read more in the benefits for self-investors.