August 26, 2016

News about stocks is no news at all

Over the past two weeks, I showed that stock investors do not benefit from good stock news or bad stock news. The reason is simple: What is generally known about the stock is already reflected in its price.

If a stock looks good right now (Tesla), then its price has already risen; and, if it currently looks bad (VW), then its price has already gone down.

For that reason, I don’t read news about stocks. But that doesn’t mean I don’t read anything at all. As a matter of fact, I really enjoy reading and I read a lot. I read the Financial Times (but not the sections Companies, Markets, and Lex), the New York Times (for the latest developments in society and health), Foreign Affairs (for the big picture), Quora (for the little picture) and the Economist (for the gossip among business people).

It is important to see the whole picture of the world. And your view of the world affects the stocks you choose for your portfolio. You may not get a better return than the market as a whole, but you won’t get a worse return, either. In the end, you will own the stocks that fit you, and that’s more satisfying than paying someone else to select the stocks that they like.

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