August 5, 2016

The stock market is boring but stocks are not

Here is something you won’t hear too often from stock analysts like myself: the stock market is boring. It’s boring because what’s one person’s gain is another person’s loss. It’s a zero-sum game. At least this is the case if you want to achieve an above-average return because this always requires someone to suffer a loss to fuel your gain.

This is boring, isn’t it? We prefer to create something new and not take something away from others.

Since I am bored by stock markets, I prefer to sit in my garden under my cherry blossom tree and not in front of a computer screen, as you can see in this video.

Why do I sit in front of a camera to buy a stock each week when I actually find stock markets quite boring? Very simple: The stocks themselves are exciting even when the markets are boring. Behind each stock, there is an interesting company and each stock purchase makes me part of that company.

Since I am primarily interested in the companies and not the market, I hardly touch upon the subjects of irrational emotions, unbelievable swings in stock prices and dubious secret tips in the markets. I would much rather focus exclusively on the companies themselves.

By using the Obermatt rankings, you can quickly find the economically-interesting stocks based on their financial performance. This is a good starting point to find investments and that’s how I personally find stocks to buy as well.

This way stock investing is actually fun. It doesn’t take much time to find good investment opportunities. I recommend that you start using this method too.

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