July 8, 2016

IT-Services in Spain: Stern buys Amadeus

Obermatt’s current Top 10 List of Ireland contains only companies in the size classes medium and large, thus no XL or XXL sized stocks.

Such companies might be interesting for long-term investors if they know the companies well. If the companies are not well known, the focus should remain on XL and XXL companies.

That’s exactly what I did. I looked at the Top 10 List of Sound Incentives in Southern Europe. These are the companies where the executive compensation system is sound, without any excesses.

Here I found Amadeus with a value rank of 87 and an even better growth rank of 90. The company operates booking systems for the airline industry. That makes sense because the Spaniards are hard-working and don’t demand high salaries as we do in Switzerland. In addition, the company is in an attractive future market. Good deal, I am buying Amadeus.

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