June 24, 2016

New record with Electrolux stock

My time was very limited today. However, a quick glance at our Top 10 List was all I needed to make my stock selection, Electrolux. Not only have I been a happy and satisfied owner of an Electrolux oven for over ten years, but the stock is all green on Obermatt.com.

Because I had so much to do today, I wanted to see how fast I could buy a stock. The result: 3 minutes and 34 seconds - even with a problem on my first login attempt.

These 3 minutes and 34 seconds may cause me to have 10 times more money in 30 years. Yes, you read correctly. On average, stocks gain 1,000% in value over thirty years. If I leave the same amount of money in a bank account or under my pillow, it will be worth the same in thirty years (hopefully).

1,000% is a good return for an investment of 3 minutes and 34 seconds. Don’t you think so?

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