June 24, 2016

New record with Electrolux stock

Dr. Stern's time was very limited today. However, a quick glance at our Top 10 List was all he needed to make his stock selection, Electrolux. Not only has he been a happy and satisfied owner of an Electrolux oven for over ten years, but the stock is all green on Obermatt.com.

Because Dr. Stern had so much to do today, he wanted to see how fast he could buy a stock. The result: 3 minutes and 34 seconds - even with a problem on his first login attempt.

These 3 minutes and 34 seconds may cause him to have 10 times more money in 30 years. Yes, you read correctly. On average, stocks gain 1,000% in value over thirty years. If Ihe leaves the same amount of money in a bank account or under his pillow, it will be worth the same in thirty years (hopefully).

1,000% is a good return for an investment of 3 minutes and 34 seconds. Don’t you think so?

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