September 30, 2016

Needing Real Estate, buying store chain Ahold

Today, we improved our Obermatt portfolio analysis tool (free download). It now shows the percentage share from each country and each industry group in your portfolio. Dr. Hermann Stern just used this function to make this week’s stock purchase.

When he analyzed his portfolio with the Obermatt portfolio analysis tool on Google Sheets, he realized that he doesn't have much investment in the real estate and services sector. To find such a stock, he used the Obermatt stock filter to find the most attractive companies in Europe.

The stock filter revealed Ahold, a Dutch retail chain, which he then researched further because retail chains have a lot of real estate and services exposure which he needs in his portfolio.

For Ahold, Dr. Stern found encouraging research reports and, not unimportant for him, he found favorable reviews by its employees. This is important to him because he believes that employees are the company’s most important asset.

For his weekly investment budget of CHF 5,000, he bought 200 Ahold shares.

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