February 5, 2016

Stern benefits from the refugee crises with RWE

Today, Dr. Stern is buying RWE from the Euro Stoxx 50 Top 10 list. He likes to invest in Germany because he thinks that prices are depressed from negative news about the automobile scandal and the refugee crisis.

In his mind, both are - correctly assessed - actually economic blessings for Europe’s strongest economy. The Volkswagen scandal is a wake-up call for the automotive world to become digital and electric. None of the German automotive giants can ignore this any longer.

And even more important: The refugees are young people eager to work and attain higher living standards. They will boost Germany's economy, maybe even become its core driver for the next few decades.

That’s why he thinks it makes sense to invest in the German infrastructure. RWE is not only excellent value according to the Obermatt value ranks, it also invests heavily in new energies as you can read from their investor briefings. On top of that, it recently appointed a new CEO, which signifies a new drive as well.

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