October 28, 2016

Buying clean energy from Italy: Enel

I am in favor of renewable energy. That’s why I am happy to see Enel on the Italian Top 10 list. My personal research on Enel revealed the usual research commentaries: some recommendations to buy, and others to sell. These commentaries and opposing opinions are useless most of the time.

However, I do know that the Obermatt ranks are worthwhile, which is a good reason to look more closely. I visited their website and again found something typical: Enel boasts with the fact that they are environmentally-conscious. But is that really true? Marketing people can get away with anything.

So, I dig even deeper. And yes, it is true. Enel invests most of its money in renewable energy now. This is exactly what I want. I buy Enel for its good Obermatt ranks and its strategy to go green through renewable energy.

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