Because of Brexit Stern buys Smith & Nephew

No April Fool’s joke: we calculated the UK Top 10 stocks today; even though Brexit could crash the London exchanges.

Who knows what the future will bring? No one can predict it, especially not me. However, thanks to our rule-based stock investment strategy, we don’t have to. We invest at regular intervals - independent of the fluctuations and emotions of the stock markets.

The popular emotions are reflected in the stock prices anyway. Only changes to expectations have an effect on the prices. It’s probably better to leave predicting future emotional changes to the psychotherapists, who are much better at it than the typical investor.

For that reason, I will buy UK stocks today, despite the fact that the outlook for the UK seems bleak. However, I can’t completely ignore my concerns about Brexit. Banks will suffer the most from being excluded from the large European common market, and for this reason their stocks are not a good buy.

Instead, I decide to purchase the global medical technology conglomerate Smith & Nephew, because their products will still be in demand even if there is a market crash.

With value and safety ratings of 100, this stocks is just right for me, because I’m always interested in value and safety when choosing stocks. Currently, growth is slow at Smith & Nephew, as you can see from the Obermatt analysis. However, we can expect that the bright and talented management will reverse that trend eventually.

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