March 4, 2016

Open country needs cheap furniture - buying Hornbach

A lot of important developments are happening in Europe. Some countries are shutting their doors, while others are staying open. This is very relevant for investors. It seems to me that a country that closes its borders will suffer from it.

Goods become more expensive, unemployment increases and growth stagnates. Even taxes may increase because there is less income and fewer profits to be taxed.

Companies in such countries suffer and their investors suffer, too. This is why Dr. Stern of Obermatt focuses his investments on open countries such as Germany and Portugal that welcome foreigners. He doesn't want to invest in countries with frightened governments that propose to protect their citizens and companies by setting up barbed wires.

For this reason, the Obermatt Top 10 stock lists from Germany and Portugal are great assets for him. He really had a tough time deciding where to invest. He would have preferred to invest in several companies. But that is not sound investing. Remember our advice: "Slowly in, slowly out - that's what safe investing is all about". This is some of the advice you’ll find in the Obermatt Stock Investing starter kit at

He eended up buying Hornbach because it is a retailer for home and garden improvement. Retailers seem less affected by the economic downturn that seems to be happening now. And home improvement is definitely in demand with one million new refugees in Germany. As a matter of fact, Dr. Stern believes that Germany is the new America. The US is closing its doors just when Germany is opening theirs. This could create an economic boom for Germany; not to mention the benefits from cultural exchanges. He wants to be part of what this could mean for the markets.

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