September 16, 2016

Fertilizer-Stock Yara from Norway Better Buy than Google or Apple

When is a Norwegian fertilizer company with a "no buy" rating and a recent management reshuffle a better buy than Google or Apple? When you are looking for an investment for the long-term!

Stocks that are ignored by the buying public have a higher chance of giving you good long-term returns for the simple reason that their stock price is lower than the fashionable stocks.

If they happen to supply something as basic as agricultural raw materials, they are a good long-term bet because it is unlikely that mankind will stop eating food. Since I don't have much agriculture exposure in my portfolio, Yara from Norway is a good addition. Another reason is that the Swiss option, Syngenta, went to China.

Will it go up like Google or Apple? Most likely not. But Google and Apple have already gone up sky high. Their likely trajectory is coming back down to earth. You can’t make money by betting on the same horse as everyone else.

See Yara International on the current Top 10 list.

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