Winner Profile
Quanchen Jia

CEO, Qingdao Zhongzi Zhongcheng Group

Industry: Heavy Electrical Equipment

Company size: Small
Published: 2016-10-17

Is Qingdao Zhongzi Zhongcheng Group a good stock investment?

Obermatt Stock Research Qingdao Zhongzi Zhongcheng Group


Based on the annual Obermatt CEO of the Year analysis, Quanchen Jia (Qingdao Zhongzi Zhongcheng Group) earned the following Obermatt pins for the management performance.


Quanchen Jia was included in the competition among China Top 100 Growth Companies (China). See the winners of the other competitions or how the CEOs performed over all competitions.

Performance Overview Quanchen Jia

Based on the analysis from the Obermatt CEO of the Year ranking, Quanchen Jia delivered the following performance over two participations in Obermatt CEO competitions (including possible tenures at other companies):

CEO performance is displayed relative to that of other CEOs that competed in the same categories for the same number of competitions. A ranking of 100 in Combined Performance indicates that Quanchen Jia was better than 100% of all other CEOs that were analyzed as part of the China Top 100 Growth Companies – China for 2 participations in Obermatt CEO competitions. Quanchen Jia’s average ranking can be found in the Multi-Year Rankings for China Top 100 Growth Companies - China.