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Obermatt's CEO of the Year rankings identifies the true performers in the marketplace – without subjective judgment. The Obermatt CEO of the Year rankings only measure performance against the company’s competition – and are based only on financial figures. There is no bias in the Obermatt rankings. We let the numbers speak for themselves.

A dozen fruitful years come to an end

After publishing the Obermatt CEO Rankings for twelve years, we have concluded our CEO ranking effort. The purpose of the rankings was to bring more sense into CEO performance and executive compensation by providing a fairer and more transparent CEO performance assessment that doesn't motivate for cost cutting and downsizing as all profit share based compensation programs do. Our rankings are rather a motivation for growth and investment as is the core purpose of executive work. We continue to support leading companies for better CEO performance assessment in our professional service practice where we provide motivating market data for better executive incentives and compensation. Find out more at obermatt.swiss.

Giving you the edge of better knowledge

The Obermatt method brings performance to light that otherwise stays hidden. The analyses let you stay ahead of the pack. And, you feel confident in your financial decisions, because rankings can’t be wrongly interpreted. A rank of 100 (the highest rank) is simply better than a rank of 99.

Typical applications of the CEO of the Year rankings:


Investors use the Obermatt rankings in stock investing to see the stocks' financial performance without the need to know much about finance.

Boards and Compensation Committees

Board and compensation committee members use Obermatt for more stable and more motivating executive compensation.

Executives and Managers

Executives and Managers use Obermatt for evaluating corporate strategy to reliably identify the position of their business segments in the market.

CEO of the Year Methodology

Obermatt measures CEO performance with the three most important performance metrics: growth, operating performance, and shareholder return. Each metric is calculated relative to a global set of comparable peers. The group of peers, unique for each company, is comprised of companies that are most similar to the company being evaluated.

The Obermatt method uses no subjective judgments so that you can trust the results – and your interpretation of them.

More on our method