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China Top 100 Growth Companies: China - Multi-Year Ranking

2014 - 2016

Competition: The largest 100 high growth companies in China

With the CEO of the Year rankings, Obermatt identifies the true performers in the marketplace – without subjective judgment as is common in CEO rankings. The Obermatt CEO of the Year rankings only measure outperformance against a company’s competition – and this, based solely on financial figures. That’s why there’s no judge in the Obermatt rankings. The numbers speak for themselves.

The long-term winners

The CEO of the Year rankings are published annually and, as such, show a CEO’s performance in one year. Performance can only be considered sustainable when performance is judged over multiple years. That’s why we present cumulative rankings over several years.

The multi-year rankings include those CEOs who placed in the Obermatt rankings at least five times. For each CEO, you can see their cumulative ranking over the number of years they made it in the Obermatt rankings.

CEO Years Combined Growth Operating Investment