Focus Markets - Socially Responsible Investments

Do you want to invest in stocks that run their business really well?

Then you may find corporate governance, family and environmental friendliness or sound financial incentives important. This is generally known as Socially Responsible Investments (SRI) / ethical investing.

Obermatt has introduced the Focus Markets for this purpose: Focus Markets help you find stocks meet climate, social and other SRI aspects better than others.

Top 10 Focus Stocks

Another option for sustainable stock investing is the exclusion of companies that violate human rights or excessively damage the environment. There is a useful black stock list from the Ethics Council of the Norwegian Government for this purpose.

More about the Focus Markets

Obermatt makes these focus markets fully transparent so that retail investors know what stock meets what criteria. In other words: We publish the full list of all stocks for each focus market. Each of our focus markets worldwide is researched and ranked on the investment strategies growth, value and safety and a combination thereof. The results are provided in the Research Profile and the Top 10 Returns:

Stock Focus Research Profile

The Research Profile tells you how well each stock focus fits the profile of a specific investment strategy. For example, a stock focus with a rank of 90 for Growth means it has a high proportion of stocks with growth characteristics.

Stock Focus Top 10 Returns

The Top 10 Returns tell you how well the Top 10 stocks in that market focus performed on each investment strategy. For example, a ranking of 20 on Growth means that the top 10 Growth stocks in that market focus had weak performance in that time period.

The difference between the two

Imagine you are evaluating a football team. You may want to know more about the profile of the team: muscle mass of each player, average sprint speed, number of years with the team, etc. This is the equivalent of our stock focus research profile.

But, the profile of the team and its members doesn’t tell you anything about how they performed in the past. For this, you want to know how many wins / losses they had, how many goals the best players scored, number of fouls per player, etc. This is the equivalent of our stock focus performance analysis.

You can find out more about the characteristics of a stock focus - our stock focus research profile - or you can see what the characteristics in that market focus actually delivered – our stock focus Top 10 Returns.

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