Asset Management

More capital for investors

Investors use Obermatt’s equity analyses for more capital appreciation with either Obermatt as your asset manager or with your own portfolio directly.

Better decisions

With Obermatt Asset Management, you get more returns with lower risk. Obermatt uses proven principles to assess shares purely on the basis of their objective financial facts, without subjective judgments.

Large and institutional investors using the Obermatt method benefit threefold:

  1. Higher returns: The financial-fact based Obermatt method leads to higher returns as we have often been able to prove.
  2. Less cost: The Obermatt method allows for index-near investing at a lower cost because you get your own market - in a more sensible way as done by index funds and without their fees.
  3. Less risk: Portfolios are broader and the shares tend to be equally weighted, because then the risk is less than in index funds.

These advantages lead to higher returns and thus more capital appreciation with the lowest possible risk and effort for the investor. Contact us for a quote or analyse your financial situation first, for example, from TWO Wealth Management, the SwissFinanceNetwork, Swiss Independence or Alain Lauber, some of more good neutral financial planners.

Cost savings with self-management

The Obermatt Stock Update Premium gives you tailor-made stock ranking lists every four weeks so you can easily and quickly use the Obermatt method. Test the Stock Update for free as long as you want. You can then switch to Premium at any time.

Self-powered investors benefit from the same advantages as investors who transfer their asset management to Obermatt. In addition, they have the advantage of saving even more costs, since asset management does not have to be paid for. Start with it today, because every year earlier means more money when you retire (do your own investing) .

If you do not want to manage your investment portfolio, then we will do it for you - at reasonable fixed conditions and with additional personal know-how that we are happy to share with you. Contact us for an offer.