Asset Coaching

More capital for investors

Investors use Obermatt’s equity research as a tool for self-directed investments to earn better returns from their investments. They can also engage the support of an Obermatt asset coach for even more in-depth analysis and support. The Obermatt coach is not an asset manager, but rather a specialist who is at your side with expert knowledge so that you can make your own investment decisions.

Your first coaching session is with Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern. He will answer your most important questions and help you get started quicker and more goal oriented. Book a free 15 minute introductory conversation online and get started in the next few days.

Unlike traditional asset managers, your Obermatt asset coach is completely independent of your money. This means that you pay no fees on your assets, but only a fixed hourly rate, which always remains the same - regardless of the amount of assets invested.

Better decisions

With Obermatt Asset Coaching, you get more returns with lower risk with the support of an Obermatt asset coach who helps you make better decisions yourself. Obermatt uses proven principles to assess shares purely on the basis of their objective facts, without subjective judgments.

Large and institutional investors using the Obermatt method benefit threefold:

  1. Higher returns: The fact based Obermatt method leads to higher investment returns. The reason? Basic economics as broadly published under the terms "smart beta" and "factor investing".
  2. Less cost: The Obermatt method allows for near-index investing at a lower cost and in a more sensible way than how index funds operate - and without their fees.
  3. Less risk: Portfolios are broadly diversified, with optimal weighting of shares Diversification and balanced weighting of shares reduces risk inherent to index funds.

These advantages bring higher returns and more capital appreciation with the lowest possible risk and effort for the investor. Contact us for our support or analyze your financial situation first.

Cost savings with self-management

The Obermatt Stock Update Premium gives you tailor-made stock ranking lists every four weeks so you can easily and quickly use the Obermatt method. Test the Stock Update for free as long as you want. You can then switch to Premium at any time.

Self-powered investors benefit from the same advantages as investors who ask Obermatt for advice. Start with Obermatt today, the sooner you start, the more money you have when you retire (do your own investing).