September 1, 2022

Maersk is energy efficient and the share just cheap with high dividend

Maersk is energy efficient and the share just cheap with high dividend

With climate change, energy efficiency takes on a central importance. The top 10 list of energy-efficient stocks is therefore an exciting place for new investment ideas. Since there is also just another transportation company on this list, Denmark's Maersk, two things come together that will remain important to the economy: Energy and Logistics. P Moeller - Maersk, as the company is written out, does container logistics and owns tanker port terminals and is also involved in the production of reefer containers in China.

PRO: The following three points speak for a buy:

  1. Good value with an Obermatt Value Rank of 100, i.e. more favorable than any other logistics company of this size worldwide.
  2. With a Dividend Rank of 98, Maersk pays a higher dividend than 98% of its peers. According to LSEG, this is currently a Dividend Yield of 13.8%. Kuehne+Nagel, for example, has only 4.3%.
  3. Good growth, with a Growth Rank of 84 in profit and a rank of 63 in sales. In addition, the stock returns are better than 87% of similar stocks (Stock Return Rank of 87).

CONTRA: The following three points argue against it:

  1. The logistics industry is navigating uncertain waters due to de-globalization. Climate change could also cause problems for tankers.
  2. The company is in Denmark. This means that German and Swiss investors will suffer a withholding tax deduction, which they will get back in part, but only in part, if the correct tax forms are filed.
  3. Maersk is also involved in Russia and therefore has recorded losses because of the Russian war in Ukraine. The involvement in China is also not without problems, as China is currently proving to be less stable than it once was with various activities.

It displeases some investors that a single Maersk share costs over 2,000 Euros / Swiss Francs / USD. Many companies with 4-digit share prices have carried out stock splits in the recent past. This has led to price increases in a timely manner. The PRO points still clearly outweigh the cons. For this reason, we buy Maersk for the Obermatt Wikifolio.

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