March 10, 2022

Meyer Burger revisited - because solar technologies from Europe are safer

One of the topics of our latest weekly online coffee chat stock investing chat was solar power: Dr. Hermann J. Stern, Obermatt CEO and the inventor of our stock search engine and the Obermatt Method decided he would revisit Meyer Burger - a company specialized in producing solar cells for solar modules and panels.

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Dr. Stern believes it is a much smarter and safer investment to invest into a solar producer from Europe, than one with links with autocratic countries. He actually prefers buying European products for his own home, even at a higher price, because he then won't suffer from lack of parts and more difficult maintenance when manufacturers from autocracies receive penalties due to offenses against international law. This also means that German producers have less competition from companies in autocratic regimes.

This is especially important, as Dr. Stern believes the transition to green energy will now be accelerated, not only because it is needed, but also because of the Russian war that was started with high oil and gas revenues.

Stern doesn’t believe this to be an investment decision based on financial fundamentals: It is much rather a bed on a tech stock - a Tech Bet. The Obermatt Method doesn’t provide fundamental analysis for tech stocks. This is why Dr. Stern only makes this a small part of his stock portfolio.

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