February 3, 2022

What about Helvetia, Zurich, Kuehne+Nagel and DKSH for our Wikifolio?

As our subscribers participating in the coffee chat Zoom Chat have started a Wikifolio in order to benchmark Obermatt method and give other investors their stock investing ideas, they are now discussing the first additions to their portfolio.

As every portfolio, our Wikifolio must be diversified. That’s why our investors discuss companies in different industries.

Which insurance company should they pick from the SPI index? They opt between Zurich and Helvetia and they decide against Zurich because it is rather expensive and therefore isn’t a good choice for the Value strategy.

They also discuss Kuehne+Nagel, a global transport and logistics company and DKSH, a market expansion services company, both also from SPI. Although Kuehne+Nagel is expensive, the detailed Obermatt Value Rank shows that the only reason for that is that the company’s Price vs. Capital (market-to-book) ratio is low and that’s because Kuehne+Nagel owns their ships unlike the competition. On the other hand, DKSH has a bad Growth Rank, but a good Value Rank which means it’s cheaper. Finally, they decide on both of these companies for our Wikifolio.

Find out why our subscribers decided on these companies in our video and join our free weekly coffee chat Zoom chat to get personally involved in forming our Wikifolio and discuss your own stock investment ideas with our experienced investors.

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