November 25, 2021

The Obermatt ESG Framework for ESG Reporting and Executive Compensation

By developing the Triple Bottom Line ESG Framework and evaluating over 1,200 ESG metrics used by rating agencies, we discovered that:

  • Many companies focus mostly on quantitative, numeric metrics and omit the potential to measure and reward their efforts for the future by including qualitative metrics. There is potential to measure, report and reward a company’s “effort” that isn’t captured in numeric metrics.
  • Most companies only include a few metrics into their compensation plans and reporting. Companies can reduce their reliance on only a few metrics by including more metrics that also better align with their company strategy and engage their executives and employees through compensation plans.
  • It is important to keep ESG performance and any ties to compensation transparent.

Our ESG framework, developed together with nine Swiss industry leaders and experts in finance, HR and sustainability, addresses all of these issues and more and gives practical guidance to improve ESG performance.

Contact us and let's have a chat to discuss where you are at and how to measure, consolidate and communicate your ESG efforts.

In the meantime, watch our most recent discussion on the Obermatt Triple Bottom Line ESG Framework and see the results and findings of the project.

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