July 9, 2021

Obermatt Triple Bottom Line Introduction

Most Companies just declare their bottom line in one metric: The profit which is distributed to the shareholders. But companies do much more than that. They create profits for many more parties. Employees get salaries, suppliers get income, customers get products they want and society has many more benefits from corporations from taxes to employment to governance. Why do companies restrict themselves voluntarily to just one bottom line?

Companies should be proud of their contributions and list them all in their public reporting. They shouldn’t just report on what they do to shareholders, they should also report what they do for their employees, their customers, society and the environment. We use the term triple bottom line for this broader reporting.

Together with about a dozen companies such as Novartis, Logitech, Sika, Bucher Industries, VAT, Dätwyler, Hilti and LafargeHolcim, Dr. Hermann J. Stern and Dr. Candace S. Cheng created the Obermatt Triple Bottom Line ESG Measurement Framework which helps corporations in the spotlight of public scrutiny to better communicate their important contributions to all stakeholders. This video provides an introduction to how the Obermatt Triple Bottom Line can work in your business.

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