May 7, 2021

Green energy from unexpected sources: Eni and Siemens Energy

In this week’s video, Dr. Hermann J. Stern buys more shares of two companies he already has in his portfolio.

During one of his Clubhouse talks, Dr. Stern discussed Eni with an engineer who works in the field of hydrogen production - it seems that this oil producer is also a larger investor in hydrogen. Even though this stock performed badly in the past - oil business from Italy can’t really be good news - he bought more. Hydrogen is a zero carbon fuel and Dr. Stern thinks that Eni’s move towards more environmentally friendly fuels is good for their future.

Siemens Energy is a stock Dr. Stern received for free: Siemens split into two companies. He decided he wants to buy more as his exposure to the stock is now low and he likes what they do: they produce energy equipment, which is heavy machinery, but they are also moving towards more green production.

Listen to more details in our video with Dr. Stern and his guest Dr. Cheng.

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