November 20, 2020

Discussion Alibaba, Rolls Royce and Nordex stock - yes, yes and yes

In this Zoom roundtable in German, Hermann Stern and his guests discuss some of the world’s largest companies and brands: Alibaba, Rolls Royce and Nordex.

Is it possible for Alibaba or even Amazon to fit within a free market economy? Alibaba has turned into a huge government-controlled bank and payment processor. Investing in Alibaba is pretty much an investment into the Chinese government. On the other side of the world, Amazon prioritizes its own products over their customers’, just like Twitter has their own political opinion. That’s not really free either.

Looking at machine manufacturers, Rolls Royce is suffering, as the need for their airplane engines plunged together with the world’s travel industry - so they need to restructure. It could be a good investment, as it is a strategically important company for Europe.

Unlike these classic companies, Nordex seems like an exciting investment opportunity - they are significantly better than other comparable companies in terms of sales growth. Our investors agree that wind energy is the future, as less equipment is needed in order to produce large amounts of electricity compared to other renewable sources.

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