August 28, 2020

How good was our Covid management? Obermatt Covid Assessment: Knowing where you stand

Key professionals are more reliably motivated by measuring relative performance - in any economic situation. Thus, the first Obermatt customers are still satisfied customers today. Since the Corona Pandemic, it is ever more difficult to make reliable plans for the future. It makes more sense to switch to so-called rolling forecasts, which give the company the flexibility that is so important right now. Such flexible planning systems are supported by indexed compensation as those provided by Obermatt, which does not require previously agreed compensation targets.

Even in a crisis, it is important to know how well the company is coping. Even if the figures look bad, it may be that you have done better than comparable companies. If you know where you stand in relation to the overall market, you can also better set tactical priorities.

How good was your Covid management? With the Obermatt Covid Assessment, you can see where you stand, because even in a crisis it is important to know how well you are coping with the crisis. Contact us for a non-binding first conversation.

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