Our references include clients of our Bonus Index and Strategy Index, experts from academia and shareholder advisory services. Read what they have to say about Obermatt.

What clients say

Satisfied clients are the best reference. Obermatt clients typically include Boards of Directors, CEOs, Heads of HR and CFOs. They use our services for bonus plans or strategic controlling and work either with us exclusively or in cooperation with their compensation consultants.

Bonus Clients

Peter Pauli, CEO, Meyer Burger
I implemented the Obermatt Bonus Index because it gives me a realistic indication of our financial performance. Furthermore, it provides a solid base for executive compensation that is stable, even when markets are volatile.
Dr. Iñigo Natzel, Corporate Vice President Group Human Resources, Symrise
Our Board of Directors value the Obermatt Index for the transparency and fairness it brings to our executive compensation. The Index forms the basis for a capital market oriented and sustainable compensation for our management team.
Jörg Zumtobel, Founder, Zumtobel
We have implemented the Obermatt Bonus Index, because it enables fair compensation that is in the long term interest of our shareholders..
J. Michael Fischl, Chairman, Phoenix Solar
We implemented the Obermatt Bonus Index, because it delivers the balanced and sustainable approach to socially-oriented compensation which is so critical in our highly cyclical industry.
Dr. Pierin Vincenz, CEO, Raiffeisen Group
Because a bank's financial results are affected by the ups and downs in the financial and capital markets, Raiffeisen Switzerland includes an indexed component from Obermatt in its executive compensation. This is fair and transparent for all involved.
Ernst Bärtschi, CEO, Sika
Sika seeks committed employees who strive to reach high strategic goals based on an inner drive. Variable compensation plans complement this aim. These plans are based on success in the marketplace. The Obermatt Bonus Index meets our needs for neutral assessments of market success.
Ronald Wijnbergen, CoE Remuneration, Beiersdorf AG
We use the Bonus Index at Beiersdorf to more effectively measure and reward the competitiveness of our strategy.
René Güntert, CFO, Toyota Textile Machinery Europe AG
The Obermatt Bonus Index provides us with a dependable benchmark for a cycle-independent executive compensation plan, which is particularly important in these volatile times for textile machinery businesses.
Dr. Paul Hälg, CEO, Dätwyler Holding AG:
We have successfully implemented Obermatt's philosophy of separating budgeting and management incentives at Dätwyler Holding.
Jan Christoph Teetz, CFO, tesa SE
We use the Obermatt Bonus Index at Tesa, because it provides the entire organization with a strategic and long term focus on the competition.
Dr. Thomas Flatt, former Chief Human Resources Officer, Adecco
The financial expertise and statistical know-how of Obermatt was a great help for our Value Based bonus system in the new Adecco structure.
Otto Rathsman, former Chief Financial Officer, Cablecom
Obermatt's scope and rigor of financial analysis increased the effectiveness of our incentive compensation system.
Daniel Flaig, Partner, CapVis Equity Partners
I use Obermatt's Operating Alpha Investment Rankings in the pre-due diligence phase of acquisitions, because I get statistically-based insights into relevant markets in order to better assess our financial plans.
Dr. Ekkehard Kuppel, former COO, KJ Jacobs:
Thanks to Obermatt's bonus advice, we were able to quickly approve and implement a sound, forward-looking compensation approach for our investment fund.
Hans Hess, former CEO, Leica Geosystems
Obermatt played an invaluable role in planning an effective bonus system for Leica Geosystems.
Paul Thompson, Executive Vice President Corporate Development, Phonak
Obermatt's rigor and depth of analysis was a key factor in the new bonus plan gaining the support of both the Board and the management team.
Hanspeter Wüst, Head of Human Resources, Bank Sarasin:
Obermatt's indexed Bonus Targets provided a quick and efficient market overview.
Martin Zwyssig, former CFO, Schaffner Holding
The Obermatt Bonus Targets showed me our company's position at a glance. Their cycle-independent approach uncouples target setting from market trends.
Dr. Günter Pfeiffer, Member of the Management, Swisscom
Obermatt's focus on rewarding management for adding value from the long-term investor perspective is convincingly systematic and transparent.
Dr. Stephan Bergamin, CFO, Karl Steiner AG:
Obermatt’s valuation of our company has given us a much more realistic picture because they consider dozens of peer companies when verifying assumptions of cash value methods.

Strategy Clients

Andreas Lindner, CFO, Ricola
Obermatt's indexed Peer Group Benchmarking gives us an important external perspective and assessment of our management team's actual performance.
Dr. Thomas Flatt, former Chief Human Resources Officer, Adecco
We really appreciated the speed and depth of financial and risk analysis Obermatt provided, as we had to make important decisions in a very short time.
Jean-Claude Philipona, CEO, Adval Tech
Obermatt's indexed approach to value based management was enlightening for our management and our Board. It showed our position relative to the market and revealed immediate opportunities.
Otto Rathsman, former Chief Financial Officer, Cablecom
Obermatt's indexed approach to assessment allowed us to better identify and quantify strategic tradeoffs.
Dr. Max Michel, CFO, CPH Chemie Papier Holding
I used the Obermatt Strategy Radar to verify our strategic targets with an outside-in-view.
Dr. Paul Hälg, CEO, Dätwyler Holding AG
Obermatt Strategy Radar is an important component in the leadership process across all divisions of the broadly diversified Dätwyler group. The operating trend analysis and value driver rank comparisons point out clear value gaps and potentials that inform our strategic planning.
Helmut Elben, Head of Corporate Planning, Georg Fischer AG
Obermatt's Strategy Radar provided a Value Based investor perspective for our planning and management processes.
Christian Leu, former CFO, Leica Geosystems
Obermatt's value orientation matched our own management priorities, and supported us in our Value Based initiatives.
Andreas Moser, CFO, Mikron
Obermatt's indexed operating performance is a good method. The statistical and graphical results are convincing.
Markus Lüthi, Director Group Accounting, Raiffeisen Group Switzerland
We especially appreciated how closely, quickly, pragmatically and efficiently Obermatt worked with us.
Max M. Müller, CFO, Schulthess Group
Obermatt's Strategy Radar impressed me with its comprehensive view of trends, risks and opportunities all together from the top-down perspective of executive management.
Dr. Richard Schindler, CFO, Siegfried
We used Obermatt's Strategy Radar for a Value Based assessment of our investment and pricing policies that helped us improve our strategy and competitive market position.
Riccardo Griglio, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Swisscom IT Services AG
What I like about the Obermatt indexed and market-based approach is that one can discuss the visual results efficiently in the management team and the Board.
Peter Küpfer, former Chariman of Board of Directors, Valora Holding AG
Any practical strategy has to be based on benchmarking. It's a part of Board strategy like salt is part of the soup.
David Zak, CFO Vetropack:
he Obermatt competitive performance assessment shows our industry trends detailed so that we can better assess our value generation.
Roland F. Trächsel, former CEO/CFO, Vitra
What I really like is Obermatt's tailored approach to understanding our value management needs and providing the best solution for us.
Daniel Petitjean, CEO, Warteck:
The Obermatt Cockpit convinced me as a reporting and analysis tool because of its custom adaptation to my needs.
Beat Frischknecht, CEO, BFW Group:
Obermatt's method of financial benchmarking helped us substantially when deciding on an important strategic project.

What experts say

Academic experts have been proponing indexed performance measurement for years and continue to research its advantages over other measurement methods.

Prof. Martin Hilb, University of St. Gallen
For CEOs and other members of the Executive Board I recommend Board members to implement indexed bonus programs that are based on financial and non-financial metrics and to reward short and long term performance likewise. Thus, the operative performance is being measured reliably, cycles neutral and in an integrated way.
Prof. Peter Forstmoser, University of Zurich
The Obermatt Bonus index eliminates arbitrary stock price movements. This approach is convincing for management compensation.
Prof. Roger Martin, University of Toronto
There is long battle to be fought to overturn the flawed orthodoxy concerning executive compensation. But it is a battle worth fighting because current practices are bad for shareholders and bad for economic growth and prosperity. Hermann Stern is an important and positive voice in this battle. I admire and respect what he says and does and highly recommend his Bonus Index blog.
Prof. Steven D. Levitt, University of Chigago
One thing that is not used as often as it should be used is benchmarking the relative performance of the company to other companies in that sector.

What shareholders and their advisories say

Renowned shareholder advisories use the Obermatt Bonus Index to better judge the level of management compensation.

Ulrich Hocker, CEO
We use the Obermatt Bonus Index to determine the appropriateness of bonus payments according to the legal obligations.
Sarah Wilson, CEO
Obermatt’'s quantitative approach of the Bonus Index is both transparent and objective and puts shareholders and companies on a level playing field.
Gregor Greber, CEO
The Obermatt Bonus Index allows us to compare CEO compensation with relative performance to assess it for the zRating.