November 30, 2018

I like Portugal, that's why I'm buying Galp stock today

Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern likes Portugal. For two reasons: He already bought a good Portuguese stock once (Jeronimo Martins), but above all his brother has been living in Portugal for almost two decades as a hotelier and real estate investor.

That's why every autumn Dr. Stern goes to his brother's Hotel in Martinhal. Every time he notices that Portugal is doing better: There is a lot of building going on, especially in Lisbon, the streets are getting better and better, there are always new, refined restaurants. All signs of an upswing.

You can also see this on the stock market: anyone who has regularly invested in Portugal since the turn of the millennium now has more assets than if he had invested the same amount in Switzerland: More about returns in Portugal.

This is due to the fact that in Portugal stocks could be bought at much lower price levels. This guarantees higher dividend yields and more potential for price increases. In Switzerland, everything is so expensive that dividends and upside potential are minimal.

These are all good reasons to take a close look at the "Obermatt Top 10" list of Portuguese stock index PSI shares. At the top is the oil share Galp, which reminds Dr. Stern of the fresh orange juice you get on the Alentejo motorway at the Galp service stations. The positive association becomes stronger after a Google search for the Galp share: The Royal Bank of Canada, one of the safest banks in the world, recommends buying Galp because it is cheaper than other shares.

Obermatt Stock research on Galp

Encouraged, Dr. Stern takes a look at the Galp website and is positively surprised a second time. The company is extremely proud to have received a sustainability award from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, where Galp holds a top position. Galp is committed to investing up to 15% of its investments in renewable energy sources.

Good Obermatt ranks, an award for sustainability and the strategy to invest in renewable energies convince Dr. Stern. He buys 290 shares of Galp for the around 5,000 Swiss francs that have been accumulated in his second season portfolio from dividend payments.

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