November 9, 2018

The world despises plastic, so I buy RPC

Plastic is a huge problem, as you can currently read in many places. However, the real problem actually isn’t plastic, but the fact that we’re wasteful with it and that we throw it away without a thought. Plastic itself is pretty useful: it’s odorless, tasteless, available in soft and hard form, and very cheap. It’s even environmentally friendly – in many applications, plastic allows us to avoid using wood, paper or glass - precious natural resources.

Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern is convinced that we will learn how to manage the plastic waste problem. Not today, nor tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow. And that plastic will remain a useful material. That’s why he is looking for plastic producers today.

His search is successful in England. A good place for stocks anyway because there are no taxes on dividends. In addition, the conglomerate RPC has very good values in the Obermatt rankings. Even though the growth rank is only at 61. The reason for this is the bad image of plastic and a fight among the shareholders of RPC. That’s what it’s called when unsatisfied shareholders take strategic and legal action against the management.

Obermatt Aktienanalyse rpc

There's a good and a bad side to everything. The good side here is the cheap price for the stocks. It has already garnered the interest of private equity firms. That’s why Dr. Stern's buying 500 shares of RPC at the London Stock Exchange. Be careful, the prices there are always quoted in GBX, which is pence sterling, one-hundredth of a pound sterling.

Investing in stocks means investing in an uncertain future. Nobody knows what will happen. However, Dr. Stern believes that plastic will continue to develop and will soon be biodegradable. What do you think?

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