July 26, 2018

Thomas Meyer prefers to speculate on cannabis instead of Volkswagen

This is the third episode of the conversation with Swiss author Thomas Mayer and his investment methods. He has already bought his first stocks, but now he wants to know where he can find ideas for more investments.

I ask him how he’s finding ideas for his stories. In life obviously: through dealings with friends, by observing the world and by thinking about it. At some point, a new idea arrives.

In my opinion, the same applies to stocks. Of course, you can read the specialist press. However, that’s not where you find good ideas, because once many people know about a good investment idea, it’s usually too late to buy the stocks. You don’t find ideas for good books in the papers, and the same is true for stocks.

When choosing stocks, Thomas Meyer is letting his beliefs guide him. That is something that wasn’t even possible until recently, because without the internet, you simply couldn’t learn much about the companies. However, today you can inform yourself in detail about companies and also about their products and the people who are involved with them, often even through independent opinions.

Luckily, Thomas Meyer is a critical spirit and has strong opinions about many things. This attitude is helpful for investing because opinions can usually be realized when buying stocks. He, therefore, decides against VW – despite their record year – and instead chooses cannabis stocks, which he thinks have enormous potential in the healthcare sector. Good idea, I’m thinking to myself, I should look into that too.

Watch the full interview (Swiss)

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