July 5, 2018

Against Fake News: Buying tamedia

I can’t hear it anymore, the term "fake news". Not because it has been used so many times – but because it makes me angry. It makes me angry that lies are being told and spread. It makes me angry that it is used for politics and to pass on responsibility. If you‘re being confronted with facts today, you can simply label them lies. This is the reason I have deleted my personal and professional Facebook accounts. I no longer want to be active in an environment where you can’t trust the news. Or better: where nobody takes responsibility for the things that are being spread around.

I want to receive my news from someone that stands behind them. Not because they have been shared many times. But because they have been checked. Because they come from sources you can trust. Because they take responsibility for the things that are being spread. This applies to the kitchen table at home, where you shouldn’t talk badly about minorities, and it also applies to media companies like Tamedia.

They are being viewed as a dying industry. I don’t see it that way. Maybe they haven’t found their role in the new digital world, but they have one asset that I believe has always been worth a lot and will be worth even more in the future: They care about honesty. Their aim is that we, the consumers of their news, can rely on them. And they profit from this aim.

Since this opinion hasn’t yet been established among the public, Tamedia is currently inexpensive with a value rank of 71. I’m happy about that, so I’m buying 33 registered shares of Tamedia for my weekly investment volume of 5,000 Swiss francs. That's my news; I hope you trust it.

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