March 30, 2018

Functional clothes are useful: Buying Lenzing

Many people in Switzerland think that Austria is a banana republic. However, even though their economy is a lot smaller than ours, Austria has many qualities other than the famous Sacher Cake. For instance, CEOs are paid fairly and many companies are run by strong, reliable executives.

This is also the case with Lenzing, a chemical company that is 50% owned by a foundation. 50% is on the open market. I like this combination because the foundation will ensure continuity and shareholders will insist on a decent return. This means: no excesses, but no crashes.

Lenzing extracts wood fibers for functional clothing, even for Patagonia, which I admire very much. In this, they are world market leaders. A good reason to buy Lenzing. I buy 50 Lenzing shares for a total of around USD 5,000.

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