January 26, 2018

The insane year 2018

It’s January, and we’re asking us what the coming stock year will bring. One thing is certain: It will be insane. 2017 was insane, and 2018 will be insane as well, at least that’s what the experts are implying.

Obviously, they’re a bit more careful in their wording. The general consensus is: The year won’t be as good as last year, but it will be pretty good. Or: The first half of the year will be fine, in the second half there will be a correction.

So we can safely keep investing.

However, if we take a look at the stock prices, then there’s a good chance that a correction could hurt quite a bit.

2018: top or flop? There are many advocates for both.

Studies have shown that in general, the least likely variant is the most likely. Applied to 2018, that means the market will neither boom nor go bust, but simply proceed straight ahead. Will it get boring? Let's hope so, but we have to fear the worst.

What does that mean for me as an investor? I keep doing what I have been doing: invest slowly but steadily because we know: buy slowly, sell slowly – that’s what safe investing looks like.

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