September 22, 2017

How to start with stock investing

The amount you should invest in stock is, of course, dependent on your assets. Most people in Switzerland save the most between the age of 40 and 60.

Osteopath Michael Stadler of Osteopathy Central is 33 years old and therefore has many years to learn the ins and outs of stock investing. For learning purposes, you should use an amount of money that will hurt when lost but will not ruin you financially.

That’s why I proposed an amount of 2,000 Swiss francs per quarter for Mike. With this approach, he will only need to spend about two hours per investment four times a year. In addition, the annual amount of 8,000 Swiss francs is manageable but will still enable Mike to learn the ins and outs of stock investment very well.

How does the exact procedure for the purchase of stocks work? This is easy. You need a securities deposit at an online bank. On, you will find links to provider comparisons.

The deposit account is also referred to as a trading account. Don’t let this confuse you, because you will not "trade" shares, but instead buy and hold them for a long time. These trading/broker accounts simply offer the most favorable conditions and serve the purpose of long-term stock investing.

As a next step, you should regularly transfer money to this account, and as soon as you have invested the amount for your initial investment, you are ready to go. Then you look for the previously selected stock in your online trading account and buy it.

It is very important that you know exactly what amount you are investing. Trading accounts often misrepresent your success. This means that they only show the price development but do not include the dividend received. Therefore you should see a positive amount, but a negative amount appears in your account. So, from the very beginning, keep a record of what you've paid so you can always compare the current value of your account with your deposits.

This helps you especially in the case of market slump, because the comparison of the deposit value with your deposits is often still positive if you saved with stocks long enough beforehand.

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