June 2, 2017

My Swedish Match

The people from Switzerland and Sweden have a lot in common. Many Swedish-Swiss couples know this, and since the merger of ABB, so does the whole of Switzerland.

Now, there are even stocks with the name "Swedish Match". And Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern does indeed like the stock because the vision of the company is a society without smokers. As a non-smoker, this idea obviously appeals to him. He doesn't have anything against smokers, but a lot against smoke, because it destroys the smell of food and wine.

Our ranks tell a clear story: the value ranks are excellent and the security is also in order. Why might this be the case? He suspects that these days, there aren’t many people who want to invest in a nicotine company.

Dr. Stern doesn't mind that because he wants to invest and not moralize others. Last but not least, the product "Snus" from Swedish Match is a lot healthier than cigarettes, and the only companies who have something to lose are the pharma giants – and they are fighting it as best as they can.

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