May 19, 2017

Buying Carlsberg for its regional footprint

Obermatt video editor Milos had so much fun choosing the stock last week that he wanted to make another video. The CEO Dr. Stern granted him his wish and he chose Carlsberg, of which Dr. Stern bought his shares for the usual 5,000 Swiss francs.

In addition, we learned something about the beer scene in Belgrade. It was fun to watch. And on top of that, it saved Dr. Stern work.

Why is Dr. Stern trusting his video editor to choose stocks for his? After all, he is hardly an expert. It’s simple: Because he chose the stock from one of our Top Stock lists. They make investing easy and secure because these stocks already have good financial metrics. That’s the only way they could have received good ranks and got on the Top 10 lists.

The ranks for Carlsberg look fantastic. An overall rank of 85 with a value rank of 81 and a security rank of 88. The growth rank obviously isn’t too great, otherwise, the stock would be much more expensive and would have a worse value rank.

Now you could argue that the microbreweries might take business away from the large companies and that Islamic countries want to ban alcohol altogether and that a brewery is, therefore, a bad investment.

However, Dr. Stern would disagree because the management of Carlsberg will do everything it can to tap into new business fields in order to generate profits for themselves and for the investors. After all, in his video, Milos is showing very nicely that his favorite beer is from Carlsberg too.

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