May 12, 2017

Doubling Philips

Due to an intense seminar, Obermatt CEO Dr. Hermann J. Stern didn’t have time to make a stock video. That’s why he asked Obermatt video editor Milos in Belgrade to choose the stock himself. The result was amazing.

Milos chose the company Philips from our Euro Stoxx 50 list, an index of the largest stocks in Europe. Our ranks were good, so Milos felt very secure with his choice.

Now Milos is proficient in social media, and so he asked people on Instagram what they thought about Philips. He received answers from customers and even from an employee, and almost all of them were positive.

Dr. Stern enjoyed the video so much that he went out and bought double the normal amount and now has Philips with 10,000 Swiss francs in his portfolio.

The nice thing was that Milos was able to form his own view of Phillips by himself, without having to invest too much time. Take a look yourself.

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