April 24, 2015

Yara is a value stock

Norsk Hydro is an established Norwegian aluminum producer, founded in 1905. In addition to metal, the Oslo-based company also used to handle agrochemicals.

This division was separated from the mother company as Hydro Agri in 2004 and transformed into Yara International. Today, Yara is an insider tip. According to our ratings, the Yara stock belongs into every portfolio.

All the benchmarks that we deem important for the future development of the company are convincing. The company shows good growth, the stock isn’t too expensive, and it offers security to investors.

In their own words, the company is an "industry shaper" with around 12,000 employees and branches in 50 countries.

Create trends instead of following them. The desired result is "better profits" for everyone: Farmers and industrial customers as consumers of Yara products as well as the company’s shareholders.

Yara wants to become a leading player in the world of agrochemicals. Thanks to its long history that goes back one century, it has managed to do that in recent times. Over the previous 12 months, the value of the stock has grown from 250 to 400 Norwegian kroner.

The currency risk is neglectable. While the krona suffered from the cancellation of the coupling to the single currency, it has gained in value by around 10 percent compared to the Swiss franc since the historic January 15.

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