March 20, 2015

The Snow White stock

Our stock tip today is Amorim. The company is being run by the fourth generation and covers multiple industries, from cork and textiles to wine and tourism.

The Amorim stock is perfect for investors who are already diversified. At Obermatt, we evaluate stocks based on the criteria value, solidarity and growth. Amorim falls into the category "Snow White": stocks who are hiding their beauty.

In 2014, the company showed increases in important key metrics. Profits increased by double digits. Investors receive a distributed dividend.

Based on the Obermatt rating, the IP stock tip chooses a security every week. It is always based on a stock market, this week it was that of Portugal.

If the price for the listed company is right, the dept low and the future dynamic, its stock has potential – independent of what it currently looks like on the stock market.

The method is solely based on numbers. The basic idea is that continuous and broadly-diversified stock picking is profitable. Simply buying the index might be popular, but is very expensive.

That’s because every index automatically receives more expensive and fewer cheap titles over time. The "heavier" a stock gets, the more of it will be contained in the index. Passive investments are expensive.

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