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Obermatt uncovers the best of the best CEOs objectively without personal judgments.

Unlike other rankings, Obermatt measures CEOs purely on numbers – and that compared with a company’s unique set of competitors and peers. There are neither judges nor subjective judgments. And, as an independent Swiss financial research firm, Obermatt remains strictly neutral.

Browsing through the list of winners, one can find well-known names as well as new or undiscovered talents. Each CEO’s ranking is based on growth, operating performance, investment performance, and a combined ranking.

Interpreting the ranks is easy. The higher the CEO rank, the better the performance.

The Current Gold Winners Germany

Gold Pin Winners 2020

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Performance is best assessed among comparable companies. See which CEOs outperformed most competitors in their category.

Large Companies (Companies with revenues above €2 bn.)

Mid-sized Companies (Companies with revenues between €0.4 and €2 bn.)

CEOs of the Year through the years

Obermatt also tracks CEO performance through the years. See which CEOs managed to stay on top over many years.

Large Companies (since 2011)

Mid-sized Companies (since 2011)

Individual CEOs in detail

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Competition History

Find out which CEOs have delivered superior performance in the past. Here are the rankings for each competition:

Gold winners 2020

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